Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two Years

I started this blog two years ago today, and I posted a first anniversary article a year later.

One new thing I’ve added is the list you see to the right: All the shows done at Dirty Jack’s theater over its 24-year run. I need help filling in the blanks, and Tom DeWester has already responded.

I could not for the life of me remember the title of the show we did in 1979. That was a troubled year for the theater, and I was way into the bottle at that point, so it’s not too surprising the name slipped my memory (such as it is). I remembered the show was a revue with segments from several different shows, such as Cat Ballou, as well as some original scenes. I knew it had a name on the marquee, but I could not recall it. “The Phantom of the Opera House.” Yep, I remember it now. Thanks, Tom!

I was in the 76 and 79 shows, and Tim O'Reilly came back for The Hallelujah Trail in 1978, so I’m sure about those. Cat Ballou in 1975 I’m not so sure of. I think I remember hearing in ’76 that had been the show the previous year, but I’m not certain. Kathy Stainbrook, are you reading this? Rhonda? Mike? Anybody from the 70s in Jackson? Can you help me fill in the early blanks?

So, why make this list? Dirty Jack’s deserves to be memorialized. If the show averaged 200 tickets a night for 100 nights every year (and I know we averaged about twice that), it means a half million people came to see our shows. I sat in the band pit every night looking past the actors out at the audience, and I know they were well entertained. They laughed their asses off and clapped and hooted lustily at the music. Those people remember Dirty Jack’s, just like we do. Several have stopped by this blog and posted touching comments.

This blog is hosted by Blogger, which is owned by Google. It is free, so there are no payments required to keep it online. My point is this: This blog is going to be part of the Internet – in whatever form that takes – for a very long time. Many years after I am gone, it will still be in some knowledgebase somewhere. People will still be able to find it when they search for Dirty Jack’s Theater. I’d like our story to be as complete as possible.

[Oh yeah… I’ve been sober now for 2 ½ years. 900 days clean. I think I’m gonna make it. Thanks.]