Monday, June 18, 2007

Any Which Way You Can

I was clicking through the cable channels the other day and saw this:

Dirty Jack’s Theater on the Big Screen! Do you remember the movie Any Which Way You Can? Part of it was filmed in Jackson Hole in the fall of 1980.

I like the picture above because I watched this scene being filmed. Prudy and I stood on the lawn across from Dirty Jack's. Eastwood was running past us in the shot.

There are lots of cool views of Jackson in the movie. You gotta watch around the action in the film to catch it. The movie is hokey but really funny; a lot like the shows at Dirty Jack’s Theater.

I also like this shot of the old Teton Motel, now long gone. This was the place Jon Stainbrook housed many of the actors and musicians who worked in the 1979 show. I lived there all summer; swam in the pool; annoyed the other guests with my loud car stereo playing Poco and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

I remember knowing friends who hired on as extras for the movie, but as I scan the crowd scenes I don’t yet see any faces I recognize. But watching this is a toboggan ride down memory hill. The memories flash by. It was fun watching it again.

UPDATE: A few more screen grabs from the movie.

There's Tom DeWester on the left!