Thursday, October 01, 2009

Googling Dirty Jacks

In the Summer of 1988...

We ate al fresco in the town that evening at Sweetwaters and went to the 8 PM show at Dirty Jacks Wild West Theatre.

It is a fun filled evening of hilarious wild west comedy. It is also very family friendly. At the time we happily attended their performance, they had been performing there for 17 years. Much laughter was heard throughout the comedy skit and we smiled for days thinking about the actors crazy antics on stage.
You Grew Up in Jackson If...

-If you know the difference between "Jackson" and "Jackson Hole", and laugh at people who don't!
-If you know what "KSGT" stands for
-If you ever ate at a restaurant called "Topper's"
-If you remember what and where Kelly's Alley was, and ditto for Second Station
-If you ever took a ski lesson from Pepi and learned the difference between carving and butchering your turns
-If you went to the Cutter Races
-If you ever hot-walked the polo ponies (that was a Girl Scouts thing)
-If you remember dog sled races down Broadway
-If you remember the old Pink Garter Theater
-If you avoided the town square on summer evenings when the shootout was going on
-If you skied the "town hill"
-If you ever took class field trips to: the Wax Museum; the fish hatchery; the Star Valley cheese factory; the Jackson Hole History Museum
-If you ever rode your bike in the 4th of July Parade
-If you competed in Little Waxers
-If you competed over who got to ring the church bell in the old Baptist church
-If you went to science camp at the Teton Science School
-If you remember when the Teton Theater was the only one in town, 2 movies for 2 weeks, and no kids allowed in the balcony!!
-If you remember the old drive-in
-If you remember the "Y" (hint: it's not a YMCA)
-If you remember the "arcade" at the old A-1 campground
-If you ever heard "Let's go, let's show, let's roll, let's rodeo. Let's get wild rough and western and a wee bit Western, let's get this show on the road!"

(more in the comments at link, including DJs reference)