Monday, June 05, 2006

One Year Aniversary

This website first went up one year ago today. The notion struck me as I woke up on a Sunday morning, and I had it up and running a couple hours later.

One of the goals of this blog was to hook up with old friends from thirty years ago at Dirty Jack’s Wild West Theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So far I’ve made contact with (in chronological order):

Kathy Stainbrook – actress
Rhonda Willford – tickets/actress
Mike Willford – stagehand/grip
Rocky Joe Quarles – actor
David Abrams - actor
Tom DeWester -- actor
Tom Dunham – band
Timothy Patrick O’Reilly – band
John Dorish – actor
Bob Adams – set carpenter/band
Sean Richarz – band

Sadly, I’ve been told of the deaths of other friends; Nancy Stainbrook, Doc Holt, Paul Fox, and Richard Tierce. I found that Jon Stainbrook has become incapacitated by his MS.

Another goal for the website was to create a presence on the Internet for Dirty Jack’s Theater. In the last year more than a thousand visitors have found this blog, mostly by Googling on “Dirty Jacks Theater.” Visitors have come from the US, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Most visitors stayed and read several pages. Many returned again and again.

In the last year I have also put together a blues band and recorded an album not yet released. That has been an experience almost as rewarding as playing at Dirty Jack’s Theater thirty years ago.

And one more thing… I have stayed sober. For that I am very grateful.