Monday, February 11, 2008

Dirty Jack's is Singin' Again!

Cast of "Gorgeous George at George's Gorge" (Top: Kathy, David, Nancy, Scotty Seifert, Audry Berger, Darrin, Mark Nowlin. Bottom: Linda Gregg, Jill Calloway, Tommy and Rocky) Image courtesy of Kathy Stainbrook Myers.

[Post from David Turner]

Well my friends, it’s done!!!!!

As I’m writing this, it’s late on Friday night, but I am so hyped I can hardly stand it. The Original Cast Recording of “Gorgeous George at George’s Gorge” has been preserved digitally. It’s been a long journey, but at last, it’s done. Before I go any further, I have to say this first:

RICK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The transfer from the DAT to WAV is flawless, and we have Rick to thank for it. He tracked down a local studio that could do the transfer (DAT services are almost impossible to find these days), and after I gave him the tapes Wednesday at lunch, I had the CD in my hands on Friday afternoon. Wow. And I want everyone to know that Rick paid for this. I can’t thank him enough, and I mean that from the depths of my soul.

RICK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all of you Dirty Jacksters send him a nice e-mail to say thank you. Please. He didn’t have to do this. Thank you.


Wow. That’s really about all I can say at this moment. I’ve been listening to the files all night, and it has been a revelation. I can’t remember when I heard this recording last – I haven’t seen my cassette since Chuck and I moved into this house (1998). I suspect that most of you are in the same boat. I’ll be burning CDs here in the next week, so if you’d like one send me your address at and I’ll fire one off to you as soon as I can. (Jess, I still have your address buddy.) Also if any of you have any good pictures from the show, would you please scan them at a pretty high resolution and send them to me? Please oh please oh please.

Rick is going to post these snippets from the recording, but I’d like to add a few comments to them as well:

1) Starting Tonight: This little trio at the end was always a favorite of mine. I’m not sure we ever sang it this well on stage, but the recording sure sounds great!

2) The Wedding of Song and Dance: Tommy rocks. What else needs to be said? (Except that I had completely forgotten that I wrote this song. How bad is that????) Still, Tommy rocks.

3) Brightest Star: What an absolutely freakin’ spectacular voice Audrey has. Hearing her sing again has been a wonderful thing for me. The other thing I remember about this song is that it was the first and only time that Kathy let me put a ballad into the first act.

4) Backstage Babble: The most fun I’ve ever had as a writer. I wish I had the chance to write these types of songs every day.

5) The Romantic Winnemuckan: I don’t know what I think about it now, but I wanted to include something from it for the blog.

6) I’ve Seen It All: It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear Nancy singing again. At the same time, it was wonderful. Here with Linda Gregg and Kathy.

7) Brightest Star Reprise: I love the quality in Rocky’s voice in this.

8) In My Life: “I would say, trust in your friends, and always believe in yourself.” Not a great song by any means, but I still like the lyric. Maybe I’ll do a rewrite on this one.

9) Measure of a Life: Tommy sings it here as he did at Nancy’s memorial service. This one has taken on new meaning for me since my dad died in April ‘06. I miss him every day.

10) Song and Dance: Scotty and Jill having a grand old time!

I’ll wind this post up by again saying many, many thanks to Rick. It’s been quite the emotional rollercoaster for me tonight. What great times, what great friends. These were truly the best years of my life.