Friday, September 14, 2007


I moved to Denver. I plan to be here until after the election in November of 2008.

I’ve been here a few weeks, and Denver certainly has differences from California, where I’ve lived for the past 19 years. Denver has beautiful old brick homes and buildings you never see in CA; They would collapse in an earthquake.

There is not a mini-mall on every corner. There is not a casual dining restaurant on every other corner. Where I live (the Sloan’s Lake area, around which I ride my bike every day) is not suburban; it is a cool old big city working class neighborhood of mixed ethnicity.

Denver does have something of a blues culture, as far as I can tell so far. It is certainly not Memphis (or even Portland) but it does have a couple of venues dedicated to blues music and there are some good blues bands around here. I've already got my eye on one or two regular weekly open mic blues jams I'll investigate. Gotta play, ya know? Maybe I can find a guitarist and form an acoustic blues duo. Piedmont style, baby...

Being in Denver reminds me how much I am a product of the Rocky Mountain West. Everything here just feels right, from the people in the stores to the peaks on the horizon. I may be a bit less enthusiastic about it all in a couple months when the snow blanket settles on the city. But for now I like it very much.