Friday, September 21, 2007

Art in Jackson Hole

I found an amusing blog comment at the Planet Jackson Hole website, responding to a post about gallery openings and artist receptions in Jackson.

what can I say to strings attached....other than hanging out with the JH art is not stuck in some gallery, it is in your head as you walk down the street..soaking in the sights of how the old drug store used to look, and remembering the old days when you could buy a colorful polo shirt, definately a work of art....and the visual live art of the Dirty Jack's art has come such a long way since then...not to be a critic of the wonderful artistic eye candy of Ripley's... good old art.....I remember the good days of art when you could walk into a tavern for an afternoon sip and end up having a great time with Vivi and Gary. If you want to stay in business in Jackson, art is your ticket....with the town council approving high end condo style hotels knocking down the cheaper low end hotels, get ready to serve the Art collectors, for they may be the only ones left who can afford to stay in the out Teton Village you got nothing on the new and improved town of Jackson, complete with no entertainment other than a bunch of rugs and art.....the wild west image is fading fast.....
The comment is from a JH resident who calls himself "Rocking Chair." Well, I'll tell you what, Mr. Chair... I miss those days, too. JH had it's own flavor; it was not a clone of Vail, Aspen, or Sun Valley. It was Wyoming; kind of rough-hewn and rowdy; a place for beer drinkers and Hell raisers. Now it is chockablock with frufru art for the glitterati.