Monday, July 09, 2007

David Turner

What ever happened to David Turner? He was such an important part of Dirty Jack’s Theater and he was a great guy. He and I got to be buddies – after each of us overcame doubts about the other – and he was even the best man in my wedding to Prudence during the 1979 season.

David bridged the gap at Dirty Jacks, from the “early” period (the 70s with Jon) to the “later” period (the 80s and 90s without Jon). I knew him to be an immensely talented actor and entertainer, and I hear he was a good composer too, writing the music for some of the shows in the 1990's.

David was also a rabid North Carolina hoops fan. Every time I watched the Tarheels play in all the years since 1979, I could not help but think of David Turner and smile. Nothing animated David like talking about NC, with his Carolina accent thickening.

This blog is about Dirty Jack’s, and it does not feel complete without a big shout out to David Turner. I would love it if he would come by and sweeten all our lives, just as he did years ago in the theater.