Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Letters

Here is a scan of the letter Jon Stainbrook sent to Sean Richarz to inform him he had gotten the gig.

Click on the letter for a bigger image.

I remember how stoked I was when I received the same letter at about the same time. Sixty Five bucks a week plus room and board! Heck, I would have paid money to join the band at Dirty Jack’s. I felt like a rock star. Thank you, Jon.

Can you hear Jon’s voice as you read this letter? I can. He must have known – sending out all these letters in 1976 – how excited it made each of us. Jon was excited, too… I can hear it in the letter. Greasepaint, footlights, waves of laughter swelling toward the stage. Jon was excited, too. He was just as excited as we were.

[image courtesy Sean Richarz]