Thursday, May 04, 2006

Little Jewels

Tim’s post about flashbacks got me thinking. Emailing with ex-Dirty Jackster’s lately has caused more than a few random memories to percolate to the surface. I remember:

-The blue and white checked shirts the band members wore in the 1976 show.

-Taking a picture of the audience from the stage one evening right before the show began. I wonder what ever happened to that photo.

-The Hungry Hound, a little A-frame restaurant owned by Jon’s friend Al.

-Jon invited the band to some event; I think it was at his house. I asked him if his sister, Nancy, would be there, and he immediately said, “You horny bastard.”

-Watching Molly dance with some fancy disco guy at the Rancher. She was very good.

-Buying cigarettes at the Jackson Drug, right on the corner near the theater. It is long gone now.

-Getting so drunk I lost my car (for the first time.)

-How really nice Kathy Stainbrook is.

-Listening to Tim O’Reilly singing “Unicorn.”

-Playing “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)” in the dinner show at the chuckwagon.

-The mouse mic.

-Bob Adams, the set carpenter, built me a little shelf in the band pit for my harps.

-Every time somebody brushed against Doc as he sat at his piano he would check to see if his wallet was still in his pocket.

-Scotty Graham’s floppy hat and strappy boots.

Mostly I remember how cool it was to be part of the show. We all lived and worked together, and mostly ate, drank, and partied together. And every night 400 people paid money to be entertained by us, and stood and cheered us when we were done. Those were heady times. Every time I stumble across another memory it is like finding a jewel.