Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Dirty Jack’s Band of 1976

This is the roster of a damn fine band: The Dirty Jack’s band of 1976. We were wicked good.

Pat “Doc” Holt, bandleader - piano
Tim O'Reilly - banjo, guitar
Sean Richarz - trumpet
Paul Coover - trombone
Tom Dunham – trombone
Me - harmonica
Bob Adams - bass
Marco Fleming - drums

When I started this blog project nearly a year ago I could only remember the names of a couple of members. With the help of several people my memory has been restored a bit and I believe I have them all.

-Doc Holt is gone. He died a few years ago.
-Sean, Paul, Bob, and Marco are unaccounted for.
-I have been in contact with Tim and Tom.

I’m pretty confident that I will eventually make contact with the others. And you know what the next step is… A Reunion! Get this: We meet in Jackson next summer, rehearse for a few days, and play all over town in the theaters and honkytonks. Hell, yeah!

If you know any of the guys I haven’t talked to yet, tell ‘em to Google “Dirty Jack’s Theater” and shoot me an email. It’s like the Blues Brothers, baby…. "We’re puttin’ the band back together. We’re on a mission from God."

[UPDATE - June 4, 2006 - I've made contact with Bob Adams and Sean Richarz. Marco and Paul are the only two band members still MIA.]