Thursday, November 03, 2005

Paint Your Wagon, 1976

As promised, here is a poster from Dirty Jack's Theater production of "Paint Your Wagon" in 1976. Click on the poster for a larger image.

Front row seated - Nancy Stainbrook, Jon Stainbrook, John Dorish, John Eagle
Second row - Paul Fox, Melanie Jane Morris, Bob Houghtaling, Molly Sinclair, Gary Farrell, Bill Moore, Jeannie Howell, Richard Tierce, Kathy Fitzgerald
Back row - Scott Graham, Randy Houghtaling, Lester Bake

Too many years and too much debauchery have dimmed my memory a touch. There are a couple names I am unsure of. If you can help, please send me a note.

The actors are standing in front of the orchestra pit. As I've written elsewhere, the band was right in the middle of the show. Now, if I could just find a picture of the band...

[Image courtesy of Rhonda Willford Eberst]