Sunday, October 23, 2005

Old Friends

I just had a very nice email conversation with Rhonda Eberst. Rhonda was a young high school girl who worked in the box office of Dirty Jack's Theater back when I was a performer there.

I remember her pretty well. As soon as she told me she was Mike Willford's sister the memory flashed back. She was a cutie back then. [Note: Still is. - Rick]

Rhonda tells me she has an old poster showing the cast of the 1976 show and lots of other DJ's pictures and stuff. I *begged* her to make copies or scans and send them to me, and she has kindly agreed. Soon I will have everything posted to the blog. I am so excited. Since I have the Y chromosome I didn't keep any photos or memorabilia from those days, and I'm sure that seeing all the faces again will bring back a flood of old memories.

One of the best things about this blog is hooking up with old friends from Jackson Hole and Dirty Jack's Theater. I've gotten emails from Kathy Stainbrook, Rocky Quarles, Tom DeWester, and others. In my email exhchange with Rhonda she mentioned names I have not thought of in nearly 30 years. It would be epic if they stumbled onto this site while idly Googling their past (as many of us do) and decided to leave a comment or write an email.

Thanks, Rhonda...