Friday, June 17, 2005

Nancy Stainbrook

When I began this web site I thought of Nancy Stainbrook, who was the heart and soul of Dirty Jack's Theater, and I Goggled her name. I found a reference to a gift made to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole in her memory. That is how I discovered that she had passed away. I do not know the details of her passing.

I remember her fondly. Nancy Stainbrook was comfortable and at ease with herself, and she was utterly the same on- or off-stage. That was among her greatest talents. She was gracious and generous with her time and attention, even to the new harmonica player in the orchestra. Nancy, as it turned out, also was a harmonica player.

I remember knowing that she had studied for a time in Hollywood with the Disney Company. It was clear that she was a brilliant set designer. She took that dingy old theater and made it remarkably light and limber, with the players splashed across the stage as if splatters on a painting. Her sets were 3-D, with motion and depth. It was fun to be part of it.

I did not know her well. Nancy was a charming and gentle actress who made it look easy when I know it wasn’t. She romanced the audiences, and they loved her. So did we. I hope she found great happiness.